Whether texting a friend, checking the latest weather or news, or calling 911 for assistance, mobile subscribers depend on continuous, quality connectivity when using their cellular-enabled mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

When that connectivity is unexpectedly interrupted, subscribers quickly become frustrated and turn immediately to blame their service provider.

Service disruptions from mobile network outages result in subscribers flooding customer care with calls, posting complaints online, potentially quitting their service provider, and even loss of life if a subscriber is unable to contact emergency personnel.

For the service provider, the impacts are real: increased customer care costs, negative impacts to corporate brand, and high customer churn that impacts future revenues.

Nearly a quarter of mobile network outages today are due to fiber backhaul being cut somewhere between the cell site providing the voice and data connection for an end user and a mobile operator’s core network. These fiber cuts can occur as a result of digging accidents by heavy machinery, forces of nature such as earthquakes, and, yes, even vandalism.

To ensure cellular customers stay connected, no matter where they are, mobile operators must consider the value of satellite backhaul for network continuity, especially in rural and remote areas at high risk of fiber cuts that result in lengthy service outages.

Intelsat CellBackhaul is a fully managed satellite backhaul service that provides U.S. mobile operators the means to keep their customers connected when outages from fiber cuts occur. And thanks to advancements in Intelsat’s space and ground networks, satellite backhaul is significantly more efficient and cost effective than even a few years ago. For example, bandwidth can be dynamically distributed to each satellite backhauled cell site based on peak usage requirements, ensuring cost-efficient use of capacity.

The added layer of protection afforded by CellBackhaul provides Mobile Network Operators the time they need to locate and repair the damage, all while ensuring quality voice and data services continue uninterrupted for mobile customers, thereby protecting their brand, revenues, and operating costs.

After all … keeping mobile customers connected means keeping them happy.

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