“I have access to the resources that will help me get to where I dream to be.”

An internship offers students a window to real-world work experience. For those who like what they see, an internship can offer a much-needed open door to opportunity.

Intelsat is committed to providing the next generation with training and professional skills, a meaningful work experience, and a chance to develop impactful relationships as they navigate the workplace. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with Genesys Works, a nationwide program that provides pathways to career success for underserved high school students.

Working with Genesys Works of the National Capital Region (GWNCR), Intelsat has welcomed more than a dozen local high school students into our IT department for hands-on job training and professional development over the past five years.

Intelsat Chief Services Officer and Genesys Works Board Member Mike DeMarco said, “this program is special because it gives young people who don’t have access to endless resources and large networks, the opportunity to get their foot in the door at a major corporation that could potentially set the trajectory for the rest of their lives. Genesys Works sets students up for success and helps motivate them to seek opportunities they may have never known were possible. That’s a mission that Intelsat is proud to support.”

In this post, three of our recent Intelsat Genesys Works interns recount their experiences joining the team, and what they gained throughout their internship.

Meet Vince

Vince graduated from John Lewis High School in 2017. He is an Alumnus of GWNCR, currently attending George Mason University. Vince is employed full-time with Intelsat, where he interned as a GWNCR Young Professional.

“I’ve learned so many things from Genesys Works. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to always take the long-term view. At first, in the short-term, being part of Genesys Works meant missing out on social events. However, in the long run, when high school was over, my employer decided to keep me on as a college intern — and now, I’m a full-time staff. I would have never been where I’m at today if I hadn’t chosen Genesys Works,” said Vince. 

Vince added, “I am grateful for my [Intelsat] manager because he has continuously put me in situations where I can grow and expand beyond my comfort zone. He believed in a high school senior who was shy and had no knowledge of IT. But due to his optimism about me and my potential, I was able to gain experience that will help me in life and my career.”  

Vince plans to graduate in Fall 2021 and continue to grow his skills and knowledge in the IT field at Intelsat.

Vince also takes time to mentor other Intelsat interns, like Hector.  

Vince Hector
Intelsat Genesys Works interns, Vince and Hector.

Meet Hector

Hector is a senior at Justice High School in Virginia. He is currently an Intern at Intelsat, working as part of our Help Desk Team while completing a Google IT Support Certification course through GWNCR’s pilot Certification Program Track.

“I was so proud when I was offered an internship. Genesys Works is helping me reach my goals by providing me training, an IT certification course, and placing me in an internship with Intelsat, which will all strengthen my resume,” said Hector.

After high school graduation, Hector plans to Northern Virginia Community College for two years, and then attend George Mason University to earn a degree in Computer Science.

Meet Luis

Luis graduated from South Lakes High School in 2018. Through Genesys Works’ Young Professional program, Luis interned with Intelsat, and then with Genesys Works as an Alumni Assistant.

He currently works for Turner Construction Company, where he is an Information Systems Engineer. Luis is majoring in Information Technology at George Mason University and will graduate in 2022. 

Luis, an Intelsat Genesys Works intern

“My internship at Intelsat helped me to get out of my shell. They treated me like a team member, and they put a lot of faith in me and my ability to get tasks done,” said Luis.  

“I am also proud of all the skills that I learned during my time at Intelsat, and the mark I was able to leave there,” continued Luis. “That would not have been possible without the support of my internship manager at the time, and the amazing Help Desk team at Intelsat.”

Luis plans to possibly start on a second degree in either biotechnology or engineering. He is also working with his current manager to earn certifications that could open more doors for him in the future.

For more information about the Genesys Works’ program and its impact on young women and men from the Washington DC community, visit www.genesysworks.org.

For more information on career opportunities at Intelsat, visit www.intelsat.com/careers/.