Have you ever relocated or traveled to a foreign country and craved a reminder of life back home? Perhaps you wanted a favorite dish, or to meet someone who spoke your language, or just wanted to see a familiar television show. Finding that connection is not always easy. North America has long been a hub to a diverse group of immigrant and multicultural communities. However, it used to be costly and complicated for people to watch television content that represents different cultures, nationalities and religious groups in their own language. From the Arabic community in New York to the Polish community in Chicago to the Chinese community in Los Angeles, millions of international viewers across North America can rely on Intelsat’s Galaxy Postcards to bring them the latest programming from their native country. Accessed by a small antenna and set-top-box, Galaxy 19’s free-to-air cultural programming consists of over 300 channels, delivered from 60 different countries in 30 different languages. Television programming on the more than 300 channels includes content in the Armenian, Spanish, and Vietnamese languages to name a few, representing the largest community of multicultural programming reaching across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This is a big benefit for the programmers looking to reach multicultural communities and non-native speakers across North America. They can provide their viewers direct access to these communities via the DTH platform on Galaxy 19. The satellite solution means they have instant access to millions of viewers. In addition, due to the increasing consumer adoption of high definition (HD) technology, a number of channels on Galaxy 19 have started to provide HD programming. This makes sense given the audience’s demand for the higher quality viewing experience offered by HD programming and the fact that TV sets are now predominantly HD-compliant. Thanks to new compression technology coupled with Galaxy 19’s reach, programmers will find the satellite to be a cost-effective and easy way to provide their viewers with affordable, high quality content wherever they reside.