SkotPicIntelsat General Corporation (IGC) recently completed a new mission statement video. The space environment is a dynamic one, and the company decided to explain what’s new, and what hasn’t changed. IGC moved its headquarters to Tysons Corner, Virginia last year. This year, the next-generation Intelsat EpicNG satellite platform has been launched. This high-throughput satellite network delivers dramatically higher throughput and enhanced anti-jamming and interference-mitigation capabilities for government customers. It’s the kind of system needed for today’s contested space environment. What hasn’t – and never will – change is the commitment of IGC to find the best solutions for customer problems. Increasingly, those solutions involve purchasing full end-to-end services from commercial providers, not just bandwidth. And owning both space and terrestrial assets puts IGC in a unique position to meet and exceed its customers’ needs. Procuring services from commercial space operators is a critical component for the U.S. Government’s continued supremacy in space. It keeps DoD ahead of potential space adversaries, increases flexibility and resiliency for both military and civil agencies, and is the only way to innovate rapidly. Intelsat EpicNG is just the first step – IGC is already planning for future satellites that will be fully software-defined for ultimate flexibility. Commercial space is an incredibly competitive market, with operators constantly investing in technology to manage their own operations most affordably and to stay ahead of the competition. IGC has been a leader for over a decade, and we will never stop striving to be the best SATCOM partner to our government and commercial customers. Please see below for the video, or click here.