Nearly two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, world trade continues to make progress as it emerges from complete or partial lockdown.  However, the shortage of manpower, factory and port closures that resulted in lumpy supply, combined with rocketing demand for imported consumer products, mean that many supply-chain disruptions remain.

From port to port, cargo shipping cycles have slowed to a record-breaking halt. Staff shortages, suppliers’ inability to meet escalating consumer demand, and logistic bottlenecks have all resulted in global coastal congestion.According to Danish research firm Sea-Intelligence, 12.5% of global capacity has been absorbed by delays, while port stay duration has increased by 11%, leaving vessels parked and crew members on board with no place to go.

In times like these, reliable broadband connectivity at sea has proven to be vital. As the largest provider of bandwidth in the maritime industry, Intelsat’s award-winning FlexMaritime solution makes it easy for ship operators and owners to access dependable broadband satellite connectivity at sea to improve crew welfare, comply with regulatory requirements and enable the acceleration of business-critical applications among other priorities.

And the data is there: Since the start of the pandemic, the average data usage per ship powered by Intelsat’s FlexMaritime network has increased by a whopping 40%. This growth in demand reflects an intensified dependence on data, essential to keeping ship operations running and improving the quality of life for crew members and engineers who have spent more time onboard due to port closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Whether it’s enabling productivity improvements like remote monitoring of ship performance, coordinating onshore logistics or boosting crew morale through faster web browsing and access to friends and family, FlexMaritime has the network bandwidth to keep ships and crews connected—no matter where or when.

Coordinating teams at sea requires high-performing connectivity to ensure smoother sailing in times of disruption. More importantly, having a solution that can adapt to evolving needs is critical to maintaining connectivity when demands shift unexpectedly. That’s why Intelsat’s FlexMaritime service is leading the way in delivering the reach, resilience, and scalability to keep global shipping connected.

See how FlexMaritime helps connect global fleets:

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