Viewers across the world are clamoring for more high quality, regionalized content wherever they reside. Pay-TV operators are looking at ways to meet their viewers’ needs, expand their programming in the most cost-efficient way and at the same time, ensure that they generate a strong return for their investment. Back in 2014, Intelsat’s long-standing customer, CANAL + INTERNATIONAL, requested that Intelsat find a solution that would help CANAL +INTERNATIONAL expand and enhance the type of programming it was delivering to viewers in the French Caribbean. Intelsat designed and customized a Ku-band spot beam on its next generation high-throughput satellite, Intelsat 35e, resulting in an optimized Direct-to-Home (DTH) distribution platform that would deliver greater DTH power to a broader coverage area. Since Intelsat 35e entered service on September 11, 2017, CANAL +INTERNATIONAL has already been able to leverage the higher power and greater efficiencies delivered by Intelsat 35e to expand its service offerings in the French Caribbean. More specifically, CANAL +INTERNATIONAL has added a total of six new channels to the DTH platform, one of which is in high definition. Besides bringing fresh, new programming from France to the French islands in the Caribbean, CANAL +INTERNATIONAL has also been able to enhance the quality of the reception of its programming due to the power of Intelsat 35e’s spot beam as well as the ability to leverage a smaller satellite dish. Due to the innovative nature of Intelsat’s next generation technology, customers such as CANAL + INTERNATIONAL can continue to delight their customers through customized, exciting and high-quality programming, while at the same time, increase their own ARPU due to the efficiencies generated through customized beams and the new Intelsat EpicNG fleet. To learn more about how Intelsat is working with media customers around the world, visit Intelsat at the 2018 NABSHOW. Intelsat executives will be on site at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the South Upper Hall, Booth SU 1510.