As connectivity becomes more pervasive the world over, the demand for high-quality programming is growing across regions. In recent years, the Latin American market has emerged as an area poised for expansion; the region currently boasts 620 million cable consumers, more and more of whom are upgrading to HD televisions and beginning to demand both higher quality programming and a better channel selection. Programmers across the globe are eager to bring their original content to this growing audience. Intelsat’s LATAM Video Neighborhoods offer the best distribution options in the region, with three high-performance satellites that carry the biggest programming names and are fully penetrated by cable head-ends as well as an emerging HD video neighborhood whose satellite enables growth and resilient capacity. Our neighborhoods enable international, regional and local programmers to serve the growing Latin American audience, and they help providers build, live and thrive in a region rife with opportunity.

Build Your Audience

A central goal of Intelsat’s LATAM Video Neighborhoods is to help programmers tap into the region’s growing audience through established video communities. The neighborhoods began with three satellites: Intelsat 11, Intelsat 21 and Intelsat 34, which together deliver more than 650 channels to Latin American viewers – more than double that of other satellite operators. This includes local Spanish and Portuguese language content as well as international content from Asia, Europe and North America designed for Latin American audiences. Enabling the delivery of this diverse array of channels is a critical first step to building and growing a substantial audience across Latin America.

Live with Industry Leaders

The neighborhoods are already home to an array of regional channels – Grupo Albavision, Caracol, Artear, Telefe and more – as well as name brand international channels, including BBC World, CNN, ESPN and HBO. With that group of neighbors, providers looking to establish themselves in the region have the confidence in knowing they’re in good company.

Thrive in the Growing Market

In 2009, Intelsat added Intelsat 14 (IS-14) to its Latin American satellite fleet. The most recent addition to Video Neighborhoods, IS-14 is an HD distribution neighborhood designed to address the growing demand for HD channels across the region. The satellite already delivers nearly 50 channels and provides a DVB-S2 MCPC platform to support the launch of additional HD offerings, which helps providers maximize their audience potential in the region. With market demand continuing to grow across Latin America, IS-14 is perfectly suited to fuel expansion via premier pan-regional program distribution and help providers increase potential reach. As the Latin American market continues to boom, programmers have immense opportunity to expand viewership of their content. Intelsat’s LATAM Video Neighborhoods deliver the reach, resiliency and scalability required for these providers to build their Latin American audiences and thrive in a promising region. To learn more about Intelsat’s LATAM Video Neighborhoods, download our recent infographic. Want to learn more about how to tap the Latin American market? Visit our LATAM Video Neighborhoods Resource Center, or contact us today.