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IEEE – CTU Summit | Connecting the Unconnected Challenge

November 03, 2021 - November 05, 2021 Conference Virtual Event

The Connecting the Unconnected Summit (3-5 November 2021) will convene experts and thought leaders on the issue of internet connectivity and the digital divide. This multi-day virtual event will feature keynote talks, panels, and more with regulators, multinational companies, start-ups, standards-setting bodies, non-profits and others. The Summit ... Read More

DoDIIS Worldwide

December 05, 2021 - December 08, 2021 Conference Trade Show

For nearly 20 years, the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference has served as the premier information technology conference to hear from distinguished speakers, collaborate with trusted partners, and experience ground-breaking technical solutions to support the warfighter. The conference is an immersive in-person event designed to bring together leading subj ... Read More


November 08, 2021 - November 10, 2021 Conference

The ISR and C2 Battle Management USA conference serves as a landmark strategic forum for the Five Eyes partners, bringing more than 150 representatives from DoD, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Joint Staff together with defense industry leaders. It is part of Defence IQ’s world-leading ISR portfolio, the overall aim of which is ... Read More

Airlift Tankers Association

October 27, 2021 - October 30, 2021 Trade Show

The A/TA Annual Convention, Symposium and Technology Exposition takes place in late October every year. It provides 3 full days of meetings and seminars that focus on advancing the needs of air mobility in the US and for our Allies around the world. In conjunction with the Convention, our Technology Expo consists of about 100 ... Read More