iThe media sector of today is hardly recognizable from a decade ago. There are few businesses that have embraced globalization to the extent of the media sector. Not only is there a need to distribute content internationally, maximizing viewership, there is also a need to create new formats for multiscreen viewing. In an age of always-on and connected, broadcasters and content providers face unprecedented cost and competitive pressures to transform their networks into global platforms and to establish new business models to accommodate multiple device formats that support the way people want to consume TV and entertainment. When we talk to media companies, these are the concerns being addressed by their management teams. How can they cost-effectively transform their networks and rethink their businesses to successfully meet the demands of anytime, anywhere content consumption – while also expanding into emerging markets, which account for 50% of viewership growth today? These are the communications challenges we thrive on at Intelsat. With our Globalized Network, we are in a unique position to help with combined satellite, terrestrial technologies and managed media services that can deliver seamless connectivity anywhere in the world. For our media customers, the benefits they realize by being able to reach new markets and drive profitable new opportunities are powerful. Here are four examples:
  • Flexibility to meet demand and capture emerging market viewers – NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, distributes NHK World and NHK World Premium channels worldwide via the Intelsat system. Through transponder leases and MCPC platform channels on four satellites, aided by three teleports and fiber connectivity provided via the IntelsatOne network, NHK set up a C-band distribution network that reaches cable systems throughout the world. Additionally, Intelsat supports Ku-band DTH delivery of NHK programming, backhaul of NHK news programming from bureaus in New York and London, and disaster recovery solutions. NHK benefits from a single-source solution, managed and monitored end-to-end by Intelsat, with the ability to flexibly reach new, emerging market audiences with ease.
  • Globalization ready – BBC World News needed a global solution to distribute its SD and HD programming. With IntelsatOne fiber across three continents and MCPC platforms on four satellites, BBC now reaches more viewers around the world with fast, quality signals and operational efficiency. In addition to better transmissions, the solution is scalable, which allows BBC to add or upgrade channels as products or technologies evolve.
  • Localized delivery for new markets – AT&T (formerly DirecTV Latin America) and Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC) needed a solution that would provide their viewers with stable, high-quality connectivity. With the Intelsat Globalized network, they were able to easily deploy satellites across these regions to reach 100% of potential viewers, as well as provide opportunities for future growth.
  • Simplified Anytime, anywhere communications – Maintaining reliable, high-quality connectivity can be a challenge, particularly as live events unfold. That’s what PSSI Global Services faced in broadcasting the Amgen Tour of California, a Tour de France-style bike race that traversed the coastlines, byways and mountainsides of California. PSSI partnered with Intelsat to guarantee connectivity at every site along the tour for multiple voice, data, IP and audio-video transmissions for broadcasting, communications and internet access.
Ultimately, we are entering a brave new world – where changing consumer habits, technology innovation and globalization will continue to converge and transform the media landscape. With the Intelsat Globalized Network, we’re empowering our customers to embrace these changes with the reach, performance and flexibility they need to open new markets and drive new revenue streams – anywhere in the world. To learn more about our media solutions, stop by our booth at NAB Show, April 16-21, Las Vegas, at booth SU3110.