heavy equipment
heavy equipment

Connecting Industrial Operations on-the-go Everywhere with Reliable High-throughput Land Mobility Solutions

Today’s mining, construction, and agriculture companies are evolving their digital strategies to improve the efficiencies of their fleets resulting in reduced costs and increased return on investment (ROI).

To support this, heavy equipment and transport vehicle manufacturers are integrating robust connectivity solutions that enable their customers to implement their digital strategies in the field and on the road.

However, for companies to take full advantage of integrated digital solutions, reliable connectivity must be accessible everywhere heavy equipment and transport vehicles operate. This includes even the most remote and hard-to-reach locations where cellular network coverage is limited or non-existent. Satellite connectivity is a critical component to ensure their connectivity platforms work everywhere.

At Intelsat, we are focused on delivering innovative connectivity services to meet the mobility needs of heavy equipment and road transport manufacturers and integrators.

Intelsat FlexMove for Heavy Equipment Fleet Connectivity and Supply Chain Communications

Learn more about Intelsat FlexMove, and how we can help you keep your machines and people on the move connected. From production to delivery, we enable optimal end-user experience and high-performance through the entire supply chain.

mining operations trucks
Reliability Shield Seal airblue
Supported by a wide range of fleet connectivity terminals
Bandwidth Throughput Measurement airblue
Delivered as a flexible, fully-managed connectivity service
Network Nodes Secure airblue
Backed by enterprise-grade 99.999% network uptime


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