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L’innovation Satcom qui continue de fournir des interventions d’urgence critiques

July 07, 2020 Government Blog - Satcom Frontier

At Intelsat General, we continue to innovate solutions tailored to our customers’ evolving needs, particularly those performing mission-critical work on the front lines of emergency response, humanitarian aid and combat operations. In fact, our engineers and technical experts have spent decades supporting our customers’ disaster-recovery missi ... Lire la suite

Le nouveau service FlexGround offre une connexion large bande à haut débit aux forces dans les régions éloignées.

September 12, 2019 Government Blog - Satcom Frontier

For more than five decades, Intelsat General has been providing the satellite capacity and the services needed by the U.S. and allied governments to support troops operating in the world’s hot spots. Satellite technology on the ground and in space has improved greatly in that time, so that yesterday’s large, bulky antennas have been replaced ... Lire la suite

How Intelsat Epic and the Internet of Things are Helping the Chilean Aquaculture Sector Satiate the Global Appetite for Salmon

November 14, 2018 Corporate Information Global Network ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

Juan Pablo Cofino, Regional Vice President, Latin America Satellite technology and salmon farming are two concepts that do not naturally come to mind for many people. However, they’ve come together for Andesat, one of Intelsat’s largest customers, to help farmers in Chile respond to growing global demand for salmon. With its health benefits, t ... Lire la suite