At Intelsat, we imagine a world of continuous growth and innovation powered ubiquitous connectivity

Innovation in breakthrough technology allows us to push boundaries of what’s possible today, so our customers can dream tomorrow

Ubiquity of service, powered by our fleet of 50+ satellites covers 99% of the Earth’s populated regions-ensuring reliable, high-performance connectivity where it’s needed most

Experience has made us leaders in space, and our collective knowledge helps us look forward to connectivity demands of the feature

Intelsat At-a-glance

We are the longest provider of satellite communications to the U.S. Government
We serve 7 of the world's top 10 MNOs
We are the #1 provider of broadband connectivity for maritime passengers and crew
We deliver TV and radio content to more than 2 billion people worldwide
We provide IFC to 20 commercial Airline Partners and over 3,000 Aircraft