From dense urban centers to the hardest-to-reach places in the world, the demands of business, media, and government operations continue to grow. Connecting the unconnected is no longer a vision, but a reality.

This complimentary virtual event will provide in-depth discussions on innovation in technology and services that will help maximize your network efficiencies and drive new revenue opportunities.

Intelsat Speakers: Jean Phillipe Gillet, Carmel Ortiz, Rhys Morgan, Brian Jakins, Peter Hall, Olivier Herson, Hans Geldenhuys, Gerry Collins, Christell Meyer, Paul Harris, Wolfgang Frank, Bilal El Hamoui

Customers Speaking : Orange, Moov-CAR, AMN, Globecast, ATS, TinSky, STN, Sentech, AfricaXP, ViewMedia, Safaricom, ViewMedia

Partners/Thought Leaders: NSR, Dataxis, GVF, BroadbandTV News, Adnet Media, Dr. Erol Hepsaydir- P.I Works, Satcube

Please join us Thursday and Friday, 16 and 17 September for the Global Connectivity Forum.

Register here.