Intelsat's Global Satellite Fleet

Our satellite fleet serves as one vital part of our globalized network. Working in concert with terrestrial networking infrastructure and robust managed services, it enables resilient, cost-effective connectivity when and where it’s needed most.

A History of Innovation that Continues to Shape the Future

For decades we’ve kept our eyes on the future. And just as our continued innovation has woven Intelsat into the fabric of history, our satellite fleet is enabling organizations to reach further through truly seamless connectivity, even in the most remote corners of the world.

Unrivaled Power and Flexibility

With a full satellite fleet in geosynchronous orbit around Earth, Intelsat can offer customers rock-solid connectivity when and where it’s needed most. This fleet includes Intelsat Epic—a high-performance, next-generation satellite platform utilizing C-, Ku- and Ka-bands, wide beams, spot beams and frequency reuse technology to deliver global, resilient, high-throughput connectivity. This open network also allows us to bring on additional assets quickly, while still giving users the ease-of-use and control of service elements and hardware required for mission success.

Intelsat Satellite Fleet

Atlantic Ocean Region
SatelliteOrbital LocationConfiguration
Intelsat 10-02359°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 11317°EC-band wide beams
Intelsat 14315°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 16302°ECustomer Proprietary
Intelsat 1W1W°Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 21302°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 23307°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 25328.5°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 32e317°EKu-band High throughput Epic spot beams
Intelsat 34304.5°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 35e325.5°EC-band High throughput Epic spot beams, Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 37e342°EKu-band Multi-Spot, Algeria & Steerable Beams
Intelsat 901330.5°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 903328.5°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 905335.5°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 907332.5°EC- & Ku-band wide beams, Ku-band spot beams
Americas Region
SatelliteOrbital LocationConfiguration
Galaxy 12129°WC-band wide beams
Galaxy 13127°WC-band wide beams
Horizons 1127°WKu-band wide beams
Galaxy 14125°WC-band wide beams
Galaxy 15133°WC-band wide beams
Galaxy 1699°WC- & Ku-band wide beams
Galaxy 1791°WC- & Ku-band wide beams
Galaxy 18123°WC- & Ku-band wide beams
Galaxy 1997°WC- & Ku-band wide beams
Galaxy 23121°WC-band wide beams
Galaxy 2593°WC- & Ku-band wide beams
Galaxy 2889°WC- & Ku-band wide beams
Galaxy 3C95°WC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 3095°WC-band global wide beams
Intelsat 3195°WC-band global wide beams (more information)
Indian Ocean Region
SatelliteOrbital LocationConfiguration
Intelsat 1047.5°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 1766°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 2068.5°EC- & Ka- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 2272°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 2833°EKu-band wide beams
Intelsat 33e60°E Ku-band High throughput EpicNG spot beams, C-& Ka-band wide beams
Intelsat 3668.5°EC- & Ka- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 3845°EKu-band spot &wide beams (more information)
Intelsat 3962°EKu-band High throughput Epic (more information)
Intelsat 90262°EC- & Ku-band wide beams, Ku-band spot beams
Intelsat 90664°EC- & Ku-band wide beams, Ku-band spot beams
Asia Pacific Region
SatelliteOrbital LocationConfiguration
Horizon 285°EC-band wide beams
Intelsat 1585°EKu-band wide beams
Pacific Ocean Region
SatelliteOrbital LocationConfiguration
Horizons 3e169°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 18180°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 19166°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 805169°EC- & Ku-band wide beams
Intelsat 1R157°EKu-band wide beams

Satellite Coverage Maps

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Launching Possibility

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