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Spotlight on Oil & Gas

Organizations operating offshore facilities, such as the energy sector, must overcome extreme communications challenges. As your operations push into remote areas around the world, drilling operators and service companies require stable, high-speed connectivity. And as enterprise applications, welfare services and regulatory considerations increase in complexity, the requirement for bandwidth continues to grow.

Whether connectivity for monitoring systems to the corporate network or general web access for crew welfare, these applications all require a robust broadband access that rivals any land-based network. Intelsat’s global mobility network is designed to deliver these mission-critical services.

Utilizing its global fleet of 50+ satellites, Intelsat’s infrastructure enables service providers to deliver flexible and reliable communications solutions for offshore operations. Using both C- and Ku-band frequencies, we offer the unparalleled ability to quickly establish global, enterprise-grade networks from anywhere in the world.

Our global mobility network delivers true, always-on broadband connectivity to ensure a seamless business experience and allow offshore workers to concentrate on the task at hand.

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