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Enterprise Networks

Extend your service anywhere in the world

Whether you’re sharing medical records with a facility on the other side of the world or managing the network infrastructure for a multi-national enterprise, traditional and high-throughput satellites allow you to broaden your reach and give you the predictability and assurance that your service will always support your customers – even in the most demanding environments.


Intelsat and DETASAD Enhance Broadband Connectivity for Corporate Networks in Saudi Arabia

Powers high quality, reliable broadband services to thousands of ATM networks throughout Saudi Arabia Delivers VSAT services to small and medium corporate enterprises and ships …

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Internet Service Providers

Delivering high-speed internet access anywhere, anytime

Consumers expect to be able to access the content and applications they want anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Ensure your network continues to deliver a high quality of service and provide internet access to areas not served by terrestrial connectivity.


Rise of HTS in 2016 to Lead to Seismic Shifts

By Karen Emery, Director, Product Management, Broadband Services Adapting to insatiable consumer and business demands, the increasing prominence of the smartphone, the …

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Mobile Network Operators

Profitably connect the unconnected

Deliver reliable, high-performance broadband connectivity to anyone, anywhere in the world by incorporating high-throughput satellite technology into your terrestrial networks. Quickly and cost-effectively expand into new markets and upgrade existing networks to 4G service.


Three Ways the Globalized Network will Connect Businesses and Communities in Africa

By Brian Jakins, Regional Vice President, Africa It’s no understatement to say the infrastructure of Africa is complicated. The continent’s topology, economics …

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IntelsatOne® Flex for Enterprise

Connect to the world’s largest, high-speed satellite network

IntelsatOne Flex for Enterprise is a managed service that allows regional and global enterprise network service providers to efficiently access and incorporate high-throughput satellite technology into new and existing private networks.


Connect to the World’s Largest, High Speed IP Network in the Sky with IntelsatOne® Flex for Enterprise

Simple ‘click of a mouse’ will deliver instant access to Intelsat’s Globalized Network Seamless integration with terrestrial networks provides ultra-high availability, redundancy and security IntelsatOne …

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