Profitably Extend Your MPLS and Ethernet Networks

Integrate High-throughput Satellite Technology into Your Terrestrial Networks

The demand forecast for IP connectivity is soaring with an estimated 4 billion connected individuals, 20 billion connected devices and 50 billion connected machines by 2020. How can you stay ahead of your customers’ emerging demands and capitalize on new growth opportunities?

Capture Growth Opportunities with Next-Generation Mbps Services

FlexEnterprise is a managed wholesale service that allows regional and global enterprise network service providers to efficiently incorporate high-throughput satellite (HTS) technology into new and existing private networks. With a web-based network operations interface, FlexEnterprise removes the complexities and cost of network expansion, and allows you to benefit from our continuous investments in innovative technologies.

FlexEnterprise Empowers You To:

  • Add high-speed capacity everywhere you need to be – Whether jump starting a new service, extending your network in hard-to-reach places or satisfying traffic growth, leveraging instant access to Intelsat EpicNG high-speed broadband connectivity makes your network nimble and scalable, delivering the reach, performance, and flexibility required to open profitable new markets and drive new revenue streams.
  • Preserve and expand your end-to-end customer experience– Seamlessly integrate the world’s largest and most reliable high-speed satellite network into your existing infrastructure. Your network availability is enhanced since FlexEnterprise incorporates multiple levels of redundancy and works around land-based outages. You can deliver a consistent, superior customer experience anywhere your customers operate – without having to invest!
  • Ensure every dollar spent generates more revenue – The shared network allows you to bring next-generation, high-speed connectivity to your network with minimal capital expenditure. The ability to acquire Mbps incrementally as demand grows establishes a direct correlation between costs and revenues, resulting in increased revenue growth and the ability to meet customer network expectations with minimized financial risk.
  • Maintain control and visibility to the end terminal– A robust Network Management System (NMS) empowers you to customize, prioritize, and contend Mbps; offer differentiated levels of service to your end users; and maintain full control of your offering and brand. Additionally, the customer portal enables real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting.
  • Streamline ground operations– Mass-order terminals in advance to take advantage of volume pricing to further simplify and accelerate the procurement, deployment, and installation of new revenue-driving remote sites.

If you want to learn more about FlexEnterprise or have questions for our team, please contact us.