Planes, Trains & Automobiles (and Ships too).

The Globalized Network connects them all.


Intelsat’s Globalized Network delivers simple, seamless, secure broadband service across geographies to ships, planes and other mobile assets.

  • Rely on Intelsat entirely for global communications or to fill the gaps of your existing infrastructure
  • Enter new markets and drive new forms of revenue quickly and cost effectively
  • Benefit from ubiquitous coverage matched by the highest levels of performance
  • Ensure you have the capacity to keep pace with demand while on the move
  • Connect where it was previously impossible – from a ship, mid-air or the most remote locations

What is the advantage of the Globalized Network in mobility?

Market Agility As market conditions change and new opportunities present themselves, you need the ability to respond, providing new services or targeting new audience segments quickly and cost effectively. Whether you’re looking to expand from maritime into cruise lines or change your strategy entirely to focus on energy, the Intelsat Globalized Network gives you the freedom to open new markets and create additional forms of revenue without delay.

Scalability Our business models are designed to meet your exact needs, whether you want to use the Intelsat Globalized Network for your entire network worldwide or to fill gaps in your existing infrastructure. We have the ability to provide a full suite of services anywhere in the world.

Reliable Performance – You expect the ability to move anywhere in the world, without sacrificing the quality of your communications. The Intelsat Globalized Network ensures you don’t have to choose between high-performance and widespread coverage, regardless of your location – land, sea or air.

Cost-Effectively Manage Demand – The ability to cost-effectively meet growing bandwidth demands is complicated by the need for vessels, ships and other mobile assets to maintain constant connectivity while on the move. The Intelsat Globalized Network provides you access to bandwidth when and where it is needed, so you can ensure reliable, high-speed communications wherever you go, without increasing capital expenditures, infrastructure expansion and management.

Enhanced Quality of LifeThere are the limitless possibilities that come with connecting people and organizations where, previously, it wasn’t so simple. For example, merchant ships that can now enable workers to connect with loved ones while on long excursions and improve their skills and knowledge through distance training. Business travelers who can interact with colleagues and customers from mid-air. The Intelsat Globalized Network makes all of this possible.