Simple, Seamless, Secure.

That's a Globalized Network.


Intelsat’s Globalized Network has a proven track record of reliability, security and performance for the most demanding government communications, and the flexibility to keep pace with changing geographic and mission requirements.

  • Deploy, monitor and engage across borders, sea, space, air and any other environment
  • Depend on 24/7/365 battle-tested security via the Intelsat Secure Operations Center (ISOC)
  • Benefit from truly ubiquitous coverage to conduct any operation, anywhere – without interruption
  • Collect/transmit data and video in real time for any initiative

What is the advantage of the Globalized Network in government?

Battle-Tested Security The most demanding government organizations and applications in the world use the Intelsat Globalized Network at the core of their operations – and that means security is our number one priority. We have factored security into every aspect of our service offering, from technology design and engineering all the way through customer support. In fact, we conduct 24/7/365 monitoring via the Intelsat Secure Operations Center (ISOC), regarded as one of the world’s most secure network operations facilities. In fact, Intelsat is the only satellite operator that can provide third-party validation for our security posture.

Truly Ubiquitous Coverage Whether engaging on land, sea or air, government organizations are assured coverage and connectivity for any operation, conducted in any environment, anywhere in the world – without interruption. The Intelsat Globalized Network is the only network of its kind that provides this level of seamless coverage from pole to pole, through an integrated ecosystem of technologies, services and other assets that let the most mission-critical organizations on the planet focus on the mission success, without limitation.

Responsiveness Catastrophic events of any kind, regardless of the cause, require immediate response and readiness to contain the impact and ensure the swiftest and smoothest road to recovery possible. Government organizations, aid workers, charities, troops and others driving disaster recovery efforts need the ability to communicate with the rest of the world. The Intelsat Globalized Network gives them the flexibility to establish operations in any part of the world that needs it, ensuring they have the right support and infrastructure to help them heal and rebuild.

Atmospheric Reach Because the Intelsat Globalized Network maintains a satellite-based backbone, data collection and transmission from technologies patrolling the atmosphere are as simple and seamless as those from the ground. Data and video from weather and aerospace-related operations are shared in real time, giving control centers the ability to respond and learn from what they can now see for themselves from their command centers.

Field Operation Readiness With so many government organizations conducting localized field operations – from the military to research teams to human aid groups – the ability to access and maintain connectivity in even the most remote locations lets them collect information or respond to a local event without delay. They can collect and transmit data and video that allows for faster and more effective decision-making when it’s needed most.