The Globalized Network.

Everywhere you need to be.

Broadcast Media

Intelsat’s Globalized Network enables you to capitalize on the new world of market opportunities made available by next-generation formats and flexible programming strategies.

  • Develop a 1:1 relationship with your viewers, regardless of location or device
  • Deliver highly localized and personalized content and services
  • Reach new markets to increase revenues with targeted advertising and services
  • Ensure a consistent, high-quality user experience
  • Benefit from government-class security that protects your content

What is the advantage of the Globalized Network in media?

Globalization-Ready You are looking for ways to push your content further out to new markets and new audiences. Now you can quickly access established audiences and flexibly test new markets through the reach and ease of the Intelsat Globalized Network.

Localized Delivery With every globalization strategy, there needs to be a focus on localization, distributing relevant, targeted content to meet the preferences of specific regions, groups and even individuals. You need to offer more dedicated, on-demand content that’s regionalized at the most local levels. And with that comes the opportunity to establish a 1:1 relationship between you and your viewer and the ability to dramatically increase revenues with highly targeted advertising and service models for each individual market.

Consistency of Experience With the Intelsat Globalized Network, you can meet the expectations of your subscribers to provide a consistent experience wherever they are, on whichever device they choose. From a television, laptop, tablet, telephone or any other device, consumers expect to be able to view, download or transmit the content they want, when they want it – the inability to meet that expectation can be revenue impacting.

Secure Content – Security is always a huge concern. Your most valuable asset is your intellectual property – the content you create. If that content is compromised in any way, it can cause a financial impact. With the Intelsat Globalized Network, you benefit from the government-grade security measures protecting the network and everything transmitted throughout ensures that your content is secure no matter what.