More than global.

When no other network will do.


Intelsat’s Globalized Network delivers broadband connectivity anywhere on the planet, catered to your needs.

  • Integrate your terrestrial networks with the Globalized Network to extend service anywhere in the world
  • Give your customers the ability to connect anytime, anywhere, from any device or application
  • Quickly provision new services with speed and ease to win and retain customers
  • Reach new and untapped markets easily and cost effectively
  • Deliver predictable and high-performance service in demanding environments

What is the advantage of the Globalized Network in broadband?

Global Coverage You are constantly seeking new ways to expand your markets and reach more end users. At the top of the list is the ability to go global and give your customers the ability to connect anytime, anywhere, from any device or application. Working with Intelsat, you can change the game and integrate your own terrestrial networks with the Intelsat Globalized Network to expand your service areas and make ubiquitous, high-quality connectivity the standard.

Customer Acquisition and Retention The ability to stay competitive and achieve growth for service providers comes down to how quickly you can respond to customers’ demands. That means you must be able to provision new services with speed and ease, right down to the individual customer. With the Intelsat Globalized Network, turn on new capabilities and services that can drive new streams of revenue, win new customers and deliver a stronger and more compelling experience that retains your customers.

Ease of Implementation and Deployment To seize a potential market opportunity, service providers need to be able to respond immediately, and that means cutting down the time it takes to install or expand their network and then launch a given service. The Intelsat Globalized Network dramatically reduces the time to deployment, giving service providers, enterprises and government organizations the ability to define and implement a networking strategy that meets even the most competitive or time-sensitive environments.

Access to Untapped Markets Even the most rural environments are now easily and cost-effectively within reach with the Intelsat Globalized Network. Markets that were previously considered impossible to serve can now drive new revenue streams and create a host of potential service opportunities as entirely new audience segments gain the ability to communicate via voice or data, stream video, share content, etc.

Industry-Grade Reliability and Performance One of the most important attributes of any network is performance. Whether you’re transmitting photos from the top of a mountain, sharing medical records with a facility on the other side of the world, or managing the network infrastructure for a multi-national Fortune 100 enterprise, you need to know that speed and quality of service will never be an issue. The Intelsat Globalized Network gives you the predictability and the assurance that your service will always support your customers, no matter what – even in the most demanding environments.