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Futureproof Your Inflight Connectivity Service

Business Aviation Solutions

Business passengers fly exclusively because their needs aren’t satisfied by commercial airlines. They expect a first-class connectivity experience with always on, high-quality connectivity for business operations and lives on-the-go.

52% of passengers are dissatisfied with currently available quality of inflight Wi-Fi services.1

As a business jet service provider, you understand your executive customers’ needs, but are often forced to lock them into a one-size-fits-all service plan, which can hurt your reputation and hinder you from maximizing possibilities. Avoid making risky capacity and infrastructure investments that result in lost time and resources. Satisfy customer expectations with the freedom to offer solutions that meet their needs and set your brand apart from the rest.

Futureproof Your Inflight Connectivity Service with FlexExec in partnership with Satcom Direct

Intelsat, in partnership with Satcom Direct*, is proud to offer you FlexExec, the customer-centric connectivity solution that synchronizes your entire flight operation through premium inflight connectivity, innovative system solutions and dynamic data management.

40% of NBAA members say monthly service fees drive decision making regarding cabin connectivity.2

The Technology
FlexExec gives you the power of choice and flexibility to ensure a seamless connectivity experience now and into the future. It’s a global, high performing, multi-layered service that delivers consistent connectivity anytime, anywhere. Designed specifically to cover high-traffic business jet routes, you’ll have layers of high-throughput capacity on our proven Intelsat EpicNG fleet fully integrated with our global, wide-beam fleet for added resiliency and redundancy. Avoid a patchwork connectivity ecosystem and leverage just one network capable of streamlining your entire inflight connectivity solution.

With SATCOM network advancements constantly hitting the market, an inadequate connectivity partner solution can be detrimental for gaining and retaining customers. Our approach provides you with a network dedicated solely to business aviation needs. You gain a higher level of control with customizable solutions, efficient use of bandwidth and managed services which are critical when routes and passenger requirements constantly shift.

Tailor data packages, billing plans and entire end-to-end inflight experiences for your customers. Differentiate your company from today’s limited offerings and deliver lasting value no matter where those passengers travel and regardless of how those needs evolve.

The Operations
In the air and on the ground, together, we offer innovative technologies to keep your entire flight operation connected to what matters most to your customers – from pre-flight to post-flight and beyond.

With FlexExec, your pre-flight planning activities are streamlined with efficiency and ease. Saving your flight department time and effort, our integrated solutions reduce risk and potentially save you money as well – all in one seamless, connected experience.

FlexExec provides the ultimate in-air experience. From flight deck to cabin, our secure network infrastructure allows us to create customized solutions that meet your requirements, intelligently manage your connections, and protect your data.

Manually capturing and entering aircraft performance data is inefficient and prone to error. Our solutions automate traditional processes for more accurate and timely reporting, enabling predictive planning and ongoing optimization for better asset management.

With FlexExec, you get the best of both worlds. Our next generation satellite technology gives you economies of scale now and well into the future, and your entire flight operation is synchronized with our world class aviation technology, allowing you to stay connected to what matters most.

We are in the business of making connections; visit the FlexExec Resource Center.

*SD is the Master Distributor of FlexExec, Intelsat’s new managed end-to-end service powered by Intelsat’s global Ku-band satellite fleet, which features the Intelsat EpicNG high-throughput satellite (HTS) platform.
1 Wifi Up in the Air, Mobile World Capital, October 2013.
2NBAA Connectivity Survey, National Business Aviation Association, June 16, 2017.