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Delivering simple, seamless, secure broadband service to the Inflight Communications and Entertainment market.

Aviation Solutions

Today, one in four passengers would choose one airline over another if it offered Wi-Fi connectivity. And with 97% of passengers carrying internet accessible devices when they travel, passenger loyalty can be affected when there is no access to Wi-Fi during a flight. As more consumers expect today’s high-tech conveniences to follow them at 30,000 feet, airlines find themselves with an urgent opportunity to differentiate their brands with robust and reliable in-flight Internet access.

As technology and user requirements continue to drive the expectations for connectivity, how can you ensure you have access to the capacity required to keep pace with growing demand?

Intelsat’s robust aviation solutions have been designed to support the demands of your most complex mobility applications. You can increase your operational efficiencies as well as access a wide portfolio of products to provide constant connectivity in-flight. Whether you build and maintain your own networks and only require space capacity or are looking for a fully managed solution, Intelsat provides you with optimum solutions for coverage, throughput, service delivery and economics.

Access Bandwidth When and Where It Is Needed

Global Mobility Ku-band Coverage Platform Designed as an overlay to the existing Ku-band network, Intelsat EpicNG capacity will scale over time, offering continuity, growth and resilience.
Global Mobility Ku-band Coverage Platform
Designed as an overlay to the existing Ku-band network, Intelsat EpicNG capacity will scale over time, offering continuity, growth and resilience.

At Intelsat, we believe in enabling connectivity anywhere in the world. Our powerful C- and Ku-band global mobility beams provide you with always-on broadband connectivity that rivals any land-based networks. Automatic beam switching (ABS) allows for seamless transfer from one satellite to another while maintaining connectivity with continuous provisioning of the service.

Designed as an overlay to the existing networks, the Intelsat EpicNG platform uses focused spot beams in key aviation routes to meet your high throughput and performance needs. Intelsat EpicNG’s open architecture and backward compatibility provides you with improved performance over your existing hardware or the ability to customize your technology based on the application. It is also forward compatible with the next generation of light-weight, low-profile phased arrays antennas that Intelsat is developing with its partners.

Leverage IntelsatOne® for Your Global Infrastructure or to Fill the Gaps in Your Existing Infrastructure

In addition to satellite connectivity, you can leverage Intelsat’s infrastructure to provide a range of managed services from teleport and hub operations to full end-to-end service. The IntelsatOne terrestrial network operates seamlessly with our satellite technology to support hybrid satellite and fiber connectivity, with access to multiple platforms and teleports. Our managed services simplify satellite-based communications, reduce network operations costs, and deliver the flexibility and support to meet your changing requirements.

If you want to learn more about our aviation solutions or have questions for our team, please contact us.

Success Story

Gogo Partners with Intelsat to Become the Anchor Tenant for World’s First GEO/LEO Shared Network

Gogo, the global leader in providing broadband connectivity solutions and wireless entertainment to the aviation industry, is partnering with Intelsat to leverage the first shared GEO/LEO satellite network for in-flight connectivity.  Under a long-term agreement, Gogo’s next generation in-flight connectivity technology will be powered by an innovative high performance shared network featuring reliable, multi-layered Ku-band capacity on the Intelsat EpicNG high throughput geosynchronous (GEO) satellites combined with OneWeb’s planned low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation.

Beginning in 2016, Gogo will expand its use of the Intelsat Globalized Network by purchasing additional capacity on Intelsat’s Ku-band infrastructure, a contiguous, resilient network within Intelsat’s 50 satellite system which covers 99 percent of the world’s populated regions.

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