Efficiently Implement DTT

Accelerate the Rollout of Your DTT Services

Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT)

DTT offers many benefits over analog terrestrial TV broadcasts, including greater spectrum and power efficiency, improved picture and sound, and an expanded channel line-up. Switching from analog to digital signals allows for a better use of the radio-spectrum, as frequencies formerly used by analog broadcasts can be repurposed for other wireless network services that can contribute to national economic growth.

During the digital switch over process, you need to make sure your transition from analog to digital goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Working with Intelsat, you’ll have DTT solutions that are simple, reliable and will enable your digital distribution. You will have:

  • Improved signal reception quality
  • Ability to offer broadcast in high definition
  • Expanded channel lineups
  • Enhanced multimedia applications such as video on-demand and entertainment services

Additionally, Intelsat’s advanced coding and modulation techniques optimizes the use of bandwidth and enables you to carry more channels.

Intelsat carries many national channels on each continent and can facilitate the creation of attractive DTT channel line-ups. DTT applications have been supported by Intelsat for many years in multiple regions.

Success Story

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) signed a multi-year agreement with Intelsat to provide backbone connectivity on Intelsat 22 that will carry multiplexed, DTT signals from production facilities in Nairobi to terrestrial base stations around the country. The signals will then be transmitted over terrestrial airwaves to homes around Kenya.
Television and Radio Broadcasting Network of Armenia (TRBNA) will be one of the first customers to implement a DTT network on Intelsat’s next generation satellite fleet, Intelsat EpicNG. Leveraging a single powerful Ku-band spot beam on Intelsat 33e, TRBNA will be able to accelerate the roll-out and expansion of its DTT network to all of Armenia. Working with Intelsat, TRBNA can quickly meet their regulatory requirements, deliver more dynamic content and have a network infrastructure that enables them to expand their viewership and content offerings in a cost efficient manner. Until the launch of Intelsat 33e in the second half of 2016, Intelsat will provide TBRNA bridge capacity on Intelsat 904 for its DTT service.

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