Launch New Channels With MCPC Services

IntelsatOne MCPC Platforms

Growing your network incrementally takes time and resources. With our IntelsatOne Multi-Channel Per Carrier (MCPC) platforms you gain immediate access to some of the most sought after video neighborhoods worldwide. MCPC platforms offer you a highly reliable and operationally efficient solution for your distribution of a single or small group of channels while you only lease your required bandwidth. With MCPC platforms you can ease your way into new markets and leverage the power of fully saturated transponders to effectively and efficiently expand your business globally while keeping risks to a minimum.

MCPC platforms are a fully integrated with IntelsatOne fiber and teleport services allowing for quick and cost-effective development of global networks for delivery of new channels. MCPC platforms include:

  • 11 C–band platforms on Intelsat’s prime cable distribution satellites in the US, Americas, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean regions
  • 5 Ku–band platforms on leading DTH and cable distribution satellites in Europe, Africa and Oceania
  • Different platforms can be combined for global coverage or to meet your specific coverage solutions
  • 24/7 customer service, monitoring and management