Distribution Solutions

Capture and expand your audience, wherever they are.

Distribution Solutions

To be successful, you need to seize new opportunities, deliver multiple formats and be first to market where and when new demand materializes. You want fast access to those pockets of viewers, wherever they may be.

Instantly harness the power of the largest global media network, both in space and on the ground. With Intelsat, 28 media satellites provide you with access to premier cable and broadcast systems across six continents.

  • Tap into hundreds of millions of viewers in developed and emerging markets around the world with over 40 strategically located video neighborhoods
  • Control your financial risk via IntelsatOne Multi-Carrier-Per-Channel (MCPC) platforms to cost-effectively and quickly launch new channels
  • Seamlessly integrate our video neighborhoods with the IntelsatOne terrestrial network to support hybrid satellite and fiber connectivity, with access to multiple platforms and teleports
  • Integrate Intelsat EpicNG high throughput spot beams to more efficiently connect key point-to-point contribution routes (e.g. from venue to studio), use smaller terminals for increased efficiency and agility on the ground and distribute regionalized content for occasional use and full-time services

Because the Intelsat network is designed on open architecture, you do not have to retrofit or replace any of your current assets. You can redirect your efforts and energy into what makes your business unique, while tapping into the future networks of tomorrow that will support your business as it grows.