Seamlessly Restore Your Network and Services

Disaster Recovery

As the complexity of media networks increase, so do the potential points of failure. In the unfortunate event of an outage, you can seamlessly restore your network and services via satellite.

With Intelsat’s global fleet of over 50 satellites coupled with a robust IntelsatOne® terrestrial network, you can back-up your service from anywhere, at any time. And with IntelsatOne’s triple fiber redundancy, your traffic can easily be redirected across our network to avoid single points of failure and/or disaster areas. Additionally, with Intelsat’s flexible service options, you can define the type of recovery service best suited to your business requirements.

  • Coverage of 99% of the world’s populated regions
  • Rapid satellite deployment with 99.99% availability
  • Eight strategically located teleports offers diversity for uplinks/downlinks and minimize down time
  • Extensive collocation space at our teleports allow you to host servers and other transmission equipment
  • Fully redundant terrestrial network including facilities, equipment, points of presence (PoPs) and fiber paths
  • Most IntelsatOne PoPs are accessible via at least three different paths, allowing your services to be easily redirected across our network to avoid single points of failure and/or disaster areas
  • Robust data encryption and other security features on our network

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