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Intelsat’s Globalized Network enables you to capitalize on the new world of market opportunities made available by next-generation formats and flexible programming strategies.

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Distribution Solutions

To be successful, you need to seize new opportunities, deliver multiple formats and be first to market where and when new demand materializes. You want fast access to those pockets of viewers, wherever they may be.

Video Neighborhoods

IntelsatOne Terrestrial Network

IntelsatOne MCPC Platforms

Media: Embracing New Markets, New Formats

The media sector of today is hardly recognizable from a decade ago. There are few businesses that have embraced globalization to the extent of the media …

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Spotlight on Distribution Applications

Whether you’re seeking a broader regional audience or looking to create a new global distribution network, when you partner with Intelsat you can:
Contribution Solutions

Whether you are broadcasting live events or backhauling production content between studios, contribution links are critical to your success.

Intelsat Occasional Use

Investing for a C-band Future

Intelsat’s Commitment to C-band in Asia By Hazem Moakkit, Vice President of Spectrum Strategy, Intelsat For over 40 years customers worldwide have relied on C-band …

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Disaster Recovery

As the complexity of media networks increases, so do the potential points of failure. In the unfortunate event of an outage, you can seamlessly restore your network and services via satellite.


The State of Global Broadband Connectivity

While it may seem like everyone has 24/7/365 broadband connectivity, it’s far from reality for many parts of the world. There are still vast populations …

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