Profitably Connect
the Unconnected

Profitably Connect the Unconnected; Reach New and Untapped Markets Easily and Cost Effectively

The competitive mobile communications market has new players constantly entering the field, driving down subscriber rates. This is coupled with a shift in consumer behavior and the proliferation of smart phones and tablets that have dramatically increased data and video consumption. With growing bandwidth requirements on your existing network and regulatory coverage obligations becoming more stringent, your revenue doesn’t correlate with the growing cost required to satisfy your subscribers and the regulators.

You need to find ways to deliver more and spend less, create new revenue streams with existing subscribers, capture new customers, and increase the efficiency of your network. Expanding services into underserved areas and supporting new applications allow you to reach untapped markets and generate those new revenue streams. Increasing your network performance and agility allows you to do so at a reduced cost.

How can you…

  • Quickly evolve your network to respond to growing subscriber demand?
  • Penetrate new markets while managing costs?
  • Deploy new services to generate new revenue streams?
  • Fulfill your regulatory obligations?

Access Industry-grade Network Performance and Reliability

You can now capture growth opportunities cost-effectively and with minimal operational complexity with Intelsat’s weather-resistant C-band and Ku-band frequencies. Leverage satellite capacity to augment your current network to meet growing customer demands or expand into underserved areas.

And with the open architecture and backward compatibility designed as an overlay to our existing fleet, Intelsat EpicNG satellites enable you to efficiently deliver more throughput to your users by leveraging your existing equipment or choosing network hardware that best suits your applications.

Gain unprecedented choice, control, and consistent levels of service at a much lower total cost of ownership. In addition to satellite connectivity, you can access the IntelsatOne terrestrial network to provide a range of managed services from teleport and hub operations to full end-to-end service. Our managed services simplify satellite-based communications, reduce network operations costs, and deliver the flexibility and support to meet your changing requirements.

Upgrade Your Network from 2G to 4G

Technology for mobile networks is evolving rapidly. As you plan your network upgrades, from 2G to 3G to 4G and beyond, you can rely on Intelsat to bring satellite solutions that will ensure a smooth journey, seamless upgrades, and improved economics. Through lab testing and initial deployments, we have established satellite as an effective way to deliver advanced services in 3G and are now doing the same for 4G. Our efforts to innovate in orbit, on the ground, and to drive improvements throughout the ecosystem will help you optimize your network performance while minimizing the necessary investment.

Connect the Unconnected with Cellular Backhaul Solutions

As the demand for mobile connectivity increases in regions lacking terrestrial infrastructure, satellite connectivity allows you to expand your subscriber base and provide underserved communities with the necessary connectivity to help their populations and economies thrive.

C-band and Ku-band’s higher availability and lower susceptibility to signal degradation and rain fade provide the quality needed to support these markets. With Intelsat EpicNG you can:

  • Easily integrate high throughput technology and performance into your existing network with minimal capital expenditures
  • Use smaller antennas which require less power and are easily transported and installed, significantly minimizing deployment and implementation costs
  • Scale your satellite network to keep pace with your geographic expansions and subscriber acquisitions
  • Leverage the next-generation of satellite platform and antenna technologies that Intelsat is developing with its partners

Seamlessly Restore Your Services

Outages can put your revenue and reputation at risk. With the exponential growth of wireless devices and the increasing demand to instantly access data, you’re under increasing pressure to maintain network uptime and connectivity. While fiber and microwave are necessary components of the network, they can also be unreliable. Whether due to a major disaster, a fiber cut or theft, outages can bring your connectivity to a halt. If your network goes down, it may take hours, days or even weeks to locate and address the cause.

In the meantime, your customers’ frustrations can impact your brand reputation, subscriber retention, and revenue. Moreover, regulators are levying significant fines when your network doesn’t meet mandated standards. When an outage occurs, you have to shuffle resources to locate and repair the cause, taking focus away from your growth objectives.

During a planned or unplanned network outage, Intelsat can provide backup capabilities to immediately restore your network via satellite. With over 50 satellites and the IntelsatOne terrestrial network providing restoration capabilities, you can:

  • Dramatically minimize your downtime and increase your network reliability
  • Quickly restore sites regardless of location
  • Maintain customer connectivity
  • Continue earning revenue and reduce your potential for customer churn
  • Repair the network when it’s practical for your operations
  • Reduce your regulatory risk or licensing fines

If you want to learn more about our mobile network operator solutions or have questions for our team, please contact us.