Delivering High-speed Internet Access Anywhere, Anytime

Deliver High-speed Internet Access and High Quality Service Anywhere in the World

Consumers expect to access the content and applications they want anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The proliferation of smart phones and tablets has also dramatically increased data and video consumption, increasing bandwidth demands on your existing network.

You need to find ways to deliver more and spend less, create new revenue streams with existing subscribers, capture new customers, and increase the efficiency of your network. Expanding services into underserved areas and supporting new applications allow you to reach untapped markets and generate those new revenue streams. Increasing your network performance and agility allows you to do so at a reduced cost.

As this insatiable demand for access to information continues to increase, how can you ensure your network continues to deliver a high quality of service, as well as provides internet access to areas not reachable with fiber?

Access Industry-grade Network Performance and Reliability

Provide direct, high-speed internet access to your customers, regardless of geographic considerations. Leverage the IntelsatOne global IP/MPLS network and our satellite capacity to augment your current network. This expansion can help you meet growing customer demands or expand into underserved areas to capture growth opportunities, cost-effectively and with minimal operational complexity.

Access a wide range of managed services from deployment to teleport and hub operations enabling you to quickly expand your existing infrastructure. Reach new markets with minimal upfront investment and reduced network operations costs.

Seamlessly Restore Your Services

Outages can put your revenue and reputation at risk. With increasing demand to access data instantly, you are under considerable pressure to maintain network uptime and connectivity. While fiber is a necessary component of your network, it is also susceptible to failure. Whether due to a major disaster, a fiber cut or theft, outages can bring your connectivity to a halt. If your network goes down, it can take hours, days or even weeks to locate the cause.

In the meantime, your customers are frustrated, impacting your brand reputation, subscriber retention and revenue. When an outage occurs, you have to shuffle resources to locate and repair the cause, taking focus away from your growth objectives.

During a planned or unplanned network outage, Intelsat can provide backup capabilities to restore your network via satellite—in near real time. With over 50 satellites and the IntelsatOne terrestrial network providing restoration capabilities, you can:

  • Dramatically minimize your downtime and increase your network reliability
  • Quickly restore sites regardless of location
  • Maintain customer connectivity enabling them to stay productive
  • Continue earning revenue and reduce your potential for customer churn
  • Perform network upgrades and repairs when it’s practical for your operations

If you want to learn more about our internet service provider solutions or have questions for our team, please contact us.