To guarantee you the best quality of service possible, Intelsat makes available a variety of technical information on earth station data and on our satellites to provide our customers with all the necessary information to ensure seamless connectivity across our network.


MyIntelsat is our customer extranet that enables you to manage the services you receive from Intelsat. The website also provides value-added content and tools as well as keeps you informed of the latest news and information.

Operational Resources

Access technical information ranging from earth station data to our satellites.

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Sun Interference Calculator

Satellite Configuration


Intelsat is committed to protecting the FSS spectrum. Satellite operators, manufacturers, organizations and end users must prioritize RFI mitigation within their respective technical operations. Intelsat urges everyone to train their operations and installation staff and when outsourcing, use certified VSAT installers and SNG uplinkers.


We’re passionate about space-based communications.  We’re eager to share our knowledge with customers and provide resources for young professionals entering the workforce.

Satellite 101


Earth Station Standards

Coverage Maps

Coverage Maps - View details, position and beam coverage for Intelsat’s satellite fleet, as well as fiber connectivity, Points of Presence and Teleports.

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