Join Us in Showing the World How Satellite Connects Us


From the middle of the ocean to an airplane in the sky, from a smartphone in Santo Domingo to a tent hospital in the Sudan, satellite communication really is everywhere, enabling connectivity and services worldwide that foster commerce and improve quality of life. As people, businesses and governments demand more and more reliable connectivity, everywhere, the global dependence on satellites continues to grow. But the average person is blissfully unaware of the powerful infrastructure that connects us all. It’s time to change that.

Join the Conversation!

Join us as we show the world the applications and services satellites deliver around the globe. Use the hashtag #SatelliteEverywhere to share facts, anecdotes and pictures of satellite services in action where you live and work – enjoying TV night at home, sending photos from a cruise ship, banking, telemedicine, global sports programming, rural connectivity, in-air Wi-Fi, Skyping at sea, and so much more.


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