IntelsatOne® Flex

A customizable wholesale Mbps service that aggregates Intelsat’s prime space segment, the IntelsatOne terrestrial network and the HTS optimized infrastructure into a simplified unified ecosystem.

Introducing IntelsatOne® Flex for Enterprise

Connect to the World’s Largest, High Speed IP Network in the Sky.

IntelsatOne Flex for Enterprise is a managed service that allows regional and global enterprise network service providers to efficiently access and incorporate high throughput satellite technology into new and existing private networks.

Connect to the World’s Largest, High Speed IP Network in the Sky with IntelsatOne® Flex for Enterprise

Simple ‘click of a mouse’ will deliver instant access to Intelsat’s Globalized Network Seamless integration with terrestrial networks provides ultra-high availability, redundancy and security IntelsatOne …

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IntelsatOne® Flex for Maritime

The Commercial Maritime Industry is Changing … Are You Ready?

The demands for broadband connectivity on board ships are exploding. Routes are continually evolving. Operational, regulatory, passenger and crew requirements are putting added pressure on ship operators to provide reliable service throughout a vessel’s entire journey.

As technology and user requirements continue to drive the expectations for connectivity, how can you ensure you have the capacity to keep pace with demand while on the move?

True Broadband Will Transform the Seas Starting in 2016

By Matthieu Richard, Product Marketing Manager, Maritime and Aero The maritime sector helps drive the global economy, and it relies on communications to perform. But …

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