Our History

Our History By Year

Making history is our legacy …
We are visionaries and challengers; icons of innovation, dependability and economic progress worldwide.

In 1965, Intelsat established the first commercial global satellite communications system. For the first time, people, businesses and governments could communicate instantly, reliably and simultaneously from all corners of the globe. NASA put a man on the moon–and the world watched it happen via Intelsat.

With major milestones such as our 2001 privatization and 2006 acquisition of PanAmSat, Intelsat and our culture of leadership and technical excellence has established satellite communications as an essential element of the global telecommunications infrastructure.

… And our future
As we move forward, we will continue finding innovative solutions to tomorrow’s communications challenges. Our customers depend on our technical leadership and commercial innovation to offer their customers seamless, secure and efficient access to people, information and entertainment across the globe.

Envision. Connect. Transform.