More than global.

Making the impossible possible.

The Intelsat Globalized Network

The Intelsat Globalized Network is the first and only network of its kind, letting anyone connect with anyone else, anywhere on the planet. The Intelsat Globalized Network combines the world’s largest satellite backbone with terrestrial infrastructure and managed services to deliver high-quality, cost-effective video and broadband services, anywhere in the world.

This allows our customers to profitably expand into new markets, drive new revenue streams and ensure the most secure and reliable communications possible.

How do we do it?

We bring all these capabilities into a single ecosystem that integrates our:

    • Fleet of more than 50 satellites plus teleports that provides the world’s most extensive and secure communications network.
    • Intelsat EpicNG next-generation satellite technology that delivers the high-performance connectivity required by today’s demanding applications.
    • IntelsatOne terrestrial network that operates seamlessly with our satellite technology to support any content delivery needs.
    • Managed services that simplify satellite-based communications, and deliver the flexibility and support to meet changing customer requirements.


  • Holds leading share of the aeronautical broadband services segment powering in-flight passenger connectivity
  • Serves approximately 80 mobile operators with satellite-based backhaul services, including the top 10 mobile groups in Africa
  • Leading provider of satellite services for direct-to-home providers
  • Top 10 video distribution customers buy service on Intelsat’s network across three or more geographic regions
  • Leading provider of commercial satellite services to the government sector