The Intelsat Globalized Network.

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Connect without boundaries.
Transform how we live.

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When no other network will do.

Intelsat’s Globalized Network delivers broadband connectivity anywhere on the planet, catered to your needs.


Perspective: It Takes an Ecosystem to Hyperconnect the World

There’s no doubt about it, increased connectivity underlies nearly every major trend today – from the Internet of Things to mobile commerce …

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Broadcast Media

Everywhere you need to be.

Intelsat’s Globalized Network enables you to capitalize on the new world of market opportunities made available by next-generation formats and flexible programming strategies.


Perspective: Localization Requires Globalization

The digital age has made it easier than ever to reach new audiences worldwide, yet there are still enormous barriers that stand in the way …

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Intelsat’s Globalized Network delivers simple, seamless, secure broadband service across geographies to ships, planes and other mobile assets.

The Globalized Network Connects them all. 


Making the Mobilized, Globalized

When we hear the statistic that 4.1 billion of the world’s citizens are unconnected, we tend to picture remote villages of Alaska or isolated communities …

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Seamless, Simple, Secure.

Intelsat’s Globalized Network has a proven track record of reliability, security and performance for the most demanding government communications, and the flexibility to keep pace with changing geographic and mission requirements.


Bringing the Globalized Network to Life: Government

As government and defense organizations continue to face budgetary constraints, an increasingly sophisticated threat environment and greater competition for dominance in space, commercial satellite …

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