Intelsat 29e Launch: Fueled and Ready

By Brian Sing, Senior Program Manager, Space Systems Acquisition

Intelsat 29e Launch Fuled and ReadyIntelsat 29e is now fueled for its years-long mission in orbit. With various tests and the fueling procedure now behind us, those of us on the ground in French Guiana can take a moment and reflect on the impact that this one satellite is expected to have – not just for those of us who’ve worked on it from its inception in 2012 but for all of our Intelsat colleagues who have in some way helped bring us to this point, on the verge of an “epic” era in which the world’s first all-digital, commercial satellite platform will deliver next-generation services for customers around the world.

In this photo, team members unfurl the Intelsat banner with pride in front of the mission-ready IS-29e.

As I write this, IS-29e just completed installation on the launch vehicle adapter. The adapter is the mechanism that will release the satellite into GTO after the Ariane 5 completes the burns. Next, we will be transferring the satellite to meet up with the launch vehicle, encapsulating it and mating it to the rocket for its lift-off on 27 January.

I’ll write soon on these next activities as we continue readying IS-29e for its launch.

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