Fifth Intelsat EpicNG Satellite – Intelsat 37e – Set to Go Live

The Intelsat EpicNG network of high-throughput satellites (HTS) continues to evolve with our fifth satellite, Intelsat 37e (IS-37e), ready to deliver service from 342° East starting in March 2018. IS-37e, which launched in September 2017, significantly expands the Intelsat Globalized Network with customers in Europe, Africa and the Americas poised to reap the rewards.

With advanced technology, new capabilities and the highest throughput of the Intelsat EpicNG fleet, IS-37e enables government, broadband and mobility customers to take advantage of optimized services to support the most demanding applications. Some of the first customers ready to deploy services on IS-37e include Speedcast, Algeria Telecom, Omni-Access and TIM Brazil.

IS-37e is the first satellite to offer full interconnectivity between three different frequency bands. It adds resilience, flexibility and efficiency improvements for customers in three distinct ways:

  1. Interconnectivity across C-, Ku- and Ka-bands. IS-37e is the world’s first fully interconnected satellite, building upon our multi-band, open architecture philosophy. With high performance across all bands and improved throughput — up to 45 Gbps — the next-generation satellite is ideal for wireless backhaul, enterprise VSAT and mobility networks. Our C-band payload, the largest fully digital payload to date, combines a mix of high-power spot and wide beams, which adds to the throughput benefits.
  2. Steerable beams. To meet customers’ evolving needs, IS-37e added Ku- and Ka-band steerable beams. These can be positioned as needed to increase network access and support high-demand areas for government and commercial mobility applications.
  3. Power sharing between beams. IS-37e creates agility within the satellite by allowing customers to assign power between shaped, fixed and steerable spot Ku-band and Ka-band beams. This new capability brings flexibility within the payload to optimize connectivity and increase efficiency as regional requirements shift.

As with all of the EpicNG satellites, IS-37e is fully integrated with our existing satellite fleet and global IntelsatOne terrestrial network and also provides additional resiliency for IntelsatOne Flex managed services.

And, the EpicNG fleet continues to grow. Horizons 3e is due to launch in 2018 completing the global EpicNG fabric with high-throughput services in the Asia Pacific region.