IntelsatOne® Terrestrial Network

In a world with increasingly complex communications requirements, there is only ONE integrated solution for all of your content delivery needs — IntelsatOne. Designed to operate seamlessly with our industry-leading satellite fleet, IntelsatOne is a global, terrestrial architecture consisting of:

  • an IP/MPLS-based network
  • 36,000+ miles of terrestrial fiber lines
  • Award winning Teleports
  • Numerous Points of Presence

IntelsatOne provides one simple, end-to-end solution that rivals the security, redundancy and reliability companies worldwide already count on from our satellites. That is because IntelsatOne was built to the specifications of the most demanding content delivery experts in the world — our customers.

Whether you want to deliver video, data or voice content, you will benefit from the expanded service features available through IntelsatOne, including:

  • One simple, reliable source for multiple high-bandwidth services
  • Rapid deployment of new services with minimal investment
  • Enhanced security, including Internet route-free core, traffic separation via IP/MPLS-based VPN capabilities and security embedded at the service layer
  • Managed services leveraging Intelsat technical and operational excellence

IntelsatOne Managed Services include: