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Event When/Where  

PTC 2015

PTC 2015 is a forum to explore the tectonic shifts in our networked planet. Over the course of several days, we will explore the foundations and implications of trends and disruptions in business and technology, regulatory policy, customer value, and economics, across increasingly intelligent and agile mobile, satellite, and subsea cable networks, distributed IT infrastructure, and network-enabled capabilities and applications, such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, enterprise applications, mobile apps and gaming.

19-21 January 2015

Honolulu, HI


CSTB 2015

Recent years have seen the rapid growth and acceptance by the broadcast industry of new technologies including IP delivery, integration and connection of numerous devices in the consumer media chain and more recently the enthusiastic embracing of second & third screens to augment the media experience. It is reasonable to assume that the coming year will see growing dependency on mobile telecoms to fulfill the expectancy of the consumer that there will be seamless integration and mobility of content, it is also anticipated that the drive for reality of the experience in the home will ensure the accelerated acceptance of higher resolution (4K) production, delivery and consumption of content.

Whatever the trends and developments are in the coming decade, CSTB will be the place to see and learn what is new.

27-29 January 2015

Moscow, RU


Digital Ship Bergen

Digital Ship Bergen 2015 will cover information about maritime satellite communications technology, software systems, navigation technology, computer networks, data management and TMSA.

11-12 February 2015

Bergen, NO


CTO Digital Switchover Broadcasting Forum 2015

Four months to the agreed Digital Switchover deadline for Region 1, the Commonwealth Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum 2015 will bring together key stakeholders to examine the most pressing issues in members’ national digital switchover efforts, share experiences, evaluate technologies, and facilitate new partnerships.

17-19 February 2015

Johannesburg, ZA



CABSAT is the largest trade show in the MENA region for Broadcasting, Satellite and Connected Digital Media, with a respected 20 year history and the 3rd largest event globally.

10-12 March 2015

Dubai, AE



SATELLITE 2015 has communications solutions for every end-user of satellite communications and serves a wide range of markets including: commercial, enterprise, broadcast, broadband, scientific research, maritime, global imagery, climate observation, academia, data analytics, military, emergency response, telecommunications and civil space.

16-19 March 2015

Washington, DC


Digital Ship Hamburg

Digital Ship Hamburg 2015 will cover information about maritime satellite communications technology, software systems, navigation technology, computer networks, data management and TMSA.

18-19 March 2015

Hamburg, DE


CTO E-Governance Forum Africa 2015

The CTO’s international events and seminars are a fine balance of knowledge sharing, influencing policy and networking, and are designed to reflect all of the organization’s niche focus areas, as well as more generic topics. These events are often organized in conjunction with our members including governments and regulatory authorities.

24-26 March 2015

Kigali, ZA