Reimagine Cloud Access

Eliminate the need to choose between the benefits of the cloud and the security and consistency of a private wide area network. Intelsat Cloud Connect uses the reach and power of Intelsat’s high-throughput satellite (HTS) and ground networks to directly connect users to cloud infrastructure through our private cloud gateways. By connecting users securely to essential cloud-based applications, enterprises can keep users productive and their businesses thriving — regardless of location, whenever they need it most.

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How it Works

Private Network Access. Global Network Reach.
With FlexEnterprise and Cloud Connect, there’s no location that can’t leverage the power of the cloud with equal consistency and security. Using Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute gateways, enterprises can extend their Azure-based applications to even their most distant sites and end users. Thanks to the coverage of FlexEnterprise, users across the globe can get immediate access to their cloud applications as if they were at HQ.

Connecting Users in More Ways
Cloud Connect adds another option for FlexEnterprise customers to leverage when they’re looking to deliver global network access. Connect users to the public internet, hand off user traffic to a private network at one of IntelsatOne’s global POP locations, and now extend secure access to the Azure cloud. Users at any location can access the applications they need to regardless of the networks they use to access them.

Connect Offices Around the World to Your Cloud-based Resources

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