Reliable, Secure Communications for Mission Success

Intelsat FlexMove is a fully managed, end-to-end connectivity solution designed for users seeking high-quality, highly reliable communications. With 99.95% proven network uptime, data rates up to 20x faster than legacy Mobile Satellite Services at a fraction of the cost and plans sold by the gigabyte with flexible service and hardware bundle options, FlexMove is designed specifically for first responder connectivity needs on-the-go. 

No need to worry about deploying heavy, bulky equipment and technical teams to an emergency site to ensure you have reliable communications. FlexMove removes the complexity of dealing with bandwidth availability, configuration and network management allowing any authorized user to access a public or private IP connection or any data-hungry application in just minutes.

Secure, always-available video streaming for remote monitoring and situational awareness
Quick response times with real-time communication between field workers, exploration sites and headquarters
Redundant connectivity for vehicles and seamless integration with existing networks for fleet optimization

FlexMove Qualified Terminals

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