The Onboard Experience Platform (OX) powers the 2Ku Onboard System enabling connectivity, entertainment, and connected aircraft services.


  • SaaS layer (Non P25) decoupled from Operating Software (P25)
  • No regulatory approvals required for SaaS LSPs (Non-P25/ Non-CS25)
  • Maintenance and diagnostic tools reside on the ACPU-2 and are accessed by connecting to the ACPU-2 via ethernet connection
  • Onboard System boot from SSD
  • Enhanced security
  • Scalability

The Onboard Experience Platform is a great fit for Program Managers who need to bring new inflight services quickly to market, Technical Operations who need to streamline fleet maintenance and Information Technology teams interested in enhanced security features.


Make configuration changes (SaaS layer) more frequently without impacting the operating system

  • Example: SSID name change will take less time than before

Easier to maintain code so implementation changes can be delivered more quickly to facilitate faster go to market

  • Example: Time it takes will depend upon the implementation change requested

Only LRU operating system changes require regulatory approval

  • Eliminates the regulatory approval requirements for non-part 25 software application services and configuration changes
  • Add new inflight services without re-certifying the entire IT stack
    • Reduced software certification documentation burden
    • No logbook sign-offs
  • Any laptop with an ethernet connection and web browser can access, display and manage the onboard maintenance app which resides on ACPU-2
  • Increased onboard system reliability 
  • Add more connected aircraft and users
  • Manage more data as the fleets grow

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