Lighter, and more versatile than conventional options, the new ESA-based solution is a first in a new line of ground-breaking multi-orbit terminals developed by Intelsat.

Multi-orbit Capable

It has the capability to interoperate with our established GEO satellites in addition to LEO or medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellites. This important feature will deliver direct benefits to airlines and passengers. 

GEO satellites, such as our constellation of Epic satellites, as well as the new generation of software defined satellites (SDS) provide deep layers of capacity, redundancy, and coverage important in airline hub-cities and across busy oceanic corridors.

LEO satellites will deliver improved performance with some cloud-based productivity applications, quicker browsing and interactive experiences on a global basis. Unlike prior airline Wi-Fi solutions, LEOs provide coverage in polar regions adding hours of additional connectivity to intercontinental polar flights.

Lower Profile Antennas Result in Less Fuel Consumption

ESA’s low-profile design offers the best aerodynamics, reducing fuel burn and lowering CO2 emissions.

Intelsat ESA Will Be Flying This Year

We are installing on a CRJ-700

  • STC acquisition platform
  • Inflight testing and shakeout
  • Customer demonstration flights
  • Fully-vetted solution prior to airline delivery

Our Global Coverage

With an open architecture that leverages current and future Ku satellites, including high-throughput GEO and LEO satellites, ESA offers redundant and reliable coverage around the globe.


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