The Intelsat Earth Station Standards outline the performance characteristics and specifications required of all earth stations communicating with our satellites, plus other modulation and access technique information.

IESS by Module Group

All documents are in Adobe pdf format, except where indicated.
Note: Please always refer to IESS 101, the primary module containing updates status.

General guidelines to help you acquire earth station facilities

101 Introduction (pdf 66 KB)

Antenna and RF Equipment Characteristics


207 Standards A, B, F & H (pdf 149 KB)
208 Standards C, E & K (pdf 322 KB)

Modulation & Access Characteristics

308, Appendix H QPSK/IDR
309 IBS
315 VSAT Turbo
316 16QAM

Generic Earth Station Standards

601 Standard G (pdf 143 KB)

A complete set of Intelsat Earth Station Standards documentation is available to our partners and customers via MyIntelsat.