Providing High Speed Mobile Service in Hard-to-Reach Areas
This Mobile Network Operator (MNO) already offers LTE service to approximately 95% of the German population. But over 800,000 Germans who live outside easy-to-connect areas don’t currently have access to high-speed mobile service. With the goal of connecting every subscriber with reliable, high-speed connectivity (in compliance with the targets set by the Bundesnetzagentur, the German regulator for telecommunications), the MNO needed a reliable alternative to network backhaul technologies like microwave and fiber. They needed a solution that would be cost-effective and easy to deploy, no matter how
challenging the terrain.


With Intelsat CellBackhaul, MNO Enables 4G Expansion and Delivers for Customers in Germany
Intelsat provided the MNO with CellBackhaul, a fully managed, end-toend solution powered by our secure, reliable, worldwide integrated network. The solution included the following components:
• Best-in-class operations and flexibility for variable demand
• Fully managed end-terminal installation, remote management, maintenance, performance monitoring, reporting, training, and more
• Self-service access to Intelsat’s Service Management Portal providing the MNO with visibility to efficiently manage and monitor their services


MNO Subscribers Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere
With Intelsat’s fully-managed CellBackhaul solution, the MNO was able to deliver positive social and economic impacts to consumers and businesses throughout Germany.

  • Consumers rely on connectivity to access everything from healthcare and education, to work and entertainment. They need a mobile network provider that can keep them connected no matter where they live, work, or play.
  • Providing reliable highspeed connectivity was always a priority for this mobile network operator (MNO), one of the largest in the world and a leading operator in Germany. But costefficiently delivering connectivity to citizens in every corner of the country can present a challenge.
High-speed, high-quality 4G mobile broadband coverage across rural and remote communities, roads, tourist and recreation areas, farms, and any other place where connectivity is needed.
Fiber-like connectivity and speeds, enabling subscribers to stay connected anytime, anywhere
Compliance with local regulations requiring reliable voice and data services to reach 99% of households by the end of 2021
A competitive advantage as it pertains to the MNO’s coverage area.