Moments Matter

In the air, the need for accurate intelligence, real-time situational awareness, and seamless command, control, and communications is vital to government teams. When moments matter, resilient, high-speed connectivity makes the difference.

FlexAir for Government

Made for Mission Success

FlexAir is a complete end-to-end managed service solution specifically engineered to meet the connectivity needs of airborne and multi-domain operations. Now government teams are equipped with the speed and reliability they need for mission success when and where it’s needed most.

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Made for Mission Success


A No-fail Network, No Exceptions

Leveraging the largest high-throughput satellite (HTS) network in the world, along with the IntelsatOne terrestrial network and seamless managed services, FlexAir delivers the rock-solid, end-to-end connectivity and agility needed for operations to run at their very best, anywhere in the world—no matter what.


Managed Services

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Through overlapping wide and spot beams, Intelsat General delivers the full power of a multi-layered Ku-band satellite network to our customers. And a single subscription allows for deployment anywhere, without the need for pre-arrangement.

Capable of data rates of up to 15 Mbps x 3 Mbps, FlexAir effortlessly supports the high-performance video, voice, data, and communications applications teams need to respond with confidence.

Coverage Map

Intelsat Satellite Coverage Map

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FlexAir Enroute
FlexAir ISR

FlexAir Enroute

FlexAir leverages the Intelsat General HTS network to support a full range of essential enroute communications at broadband speeds up to 10X faster than competitive offerings—ensuring crews always stay in close communication when it’s needed most.

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FlexAir ISR

Through a combination of wide-beam coverage and high-performance spot beams, FlexAir supplies airborne teams with the resilient connectivity and coverage vital to their intelligence gathering efforts, including bandwidth-hungry applications like real-time video.

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Flexible Pricing That Fits the Job

Currently, Intelsat General’s FlexAir solution is sold through VARS and a network of partner operators. Connect with us for guidance on purchase options.

FlexAir Global Access

Pay-as-you-go or Monthly MB models for corporate and government aircraft for enroute and transport services. Global Access subscriptions are available starting at a 7GB data rate—a third of what the closest competitor offers.

FlexAir ISR

ISR subscriptions for connectivity in a selected Intelsat Epic high-throughput beam for sensor data, video transmission and communication relay deliver superior data rates to power multiple SimOps with one subscription and deliver 1 Mbps to 6 Mbps back from the plane.


  • Pay-as-you-go costs proportional to data rates delivered
  • No term commitment
  • Aircraft data rates: HTS spot beam — Up to 15 Mbps to and 3 Mbps from the airframe

Monthly Subscription

  • Subscription-based with monthly data allocation tiers
  • No term commitment
  • Aircraft data rates: HTS spot beam — Up to 15 Mbps to and 3 Mbps from the airframe

Dedicated HTS Capacity for Committed Information Rates

  • From aircraft in 1 Mbps increments up to 6 Mbps
  • Geographic focus and able to roam to/from the FlexAir Global network
  • Can support multiple SimOps with one subscription
  • For sensor data, video transmission and communications

Can your team afford to wait?

Guaranteed Availability

FlexAir has overlapping satellite beams, particularly in areas of high concentrations of terminals. With multiple beams, government customers are assured coverage and connectivity.

Predictable Cost Structure

Government users can select several service offerings allowing them to choose the right plan based on their data rate and geographic needs. With seamless, and consistent coverage, government users have the flexibility to optimize their service.

Critical Support

Network engineers at our Secure Operations Center (ISOC) use state-of-the-art technology to monitor and troubleshoot connectivity round-the-clock.

High Data Rate Transmission

Data needs can vary widely from bandwidth-intensive operations requiring large transmission rates, to enroute communications. Both are accommodated in real-time.

Redundancy and Security

FlexAir provides additional security as only designated beams with frequency bands carrying authorized signals are cross-connected. As a result, any interfering signals are muted, analyzed and mitigated.

Experience in the Field

Many of Intelsat’s engineers are from government and military backgrounds, making them uniquely qualified to respond to critical events as they arise.

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