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Galaxy 30

Intelsat successfully launched of Galaxy 30, a satellite that will primarily provide high-performance television distribution to North America. ... Read More

MEV-1 and Intelsat 901

Intelsat was part of another historic first on February 25, 2020 when the Intelsat 901 (IS-901) satellite docked with Northrup Grumman’s first Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1). The in-space maneuver was the first time two commercial satellites docked, and the first time that mission extension services were offered, to a satellite in geosynchron ... Read More

Intelsat 39

Intelsat 39 provides the perfect balance of flexibility, scalability and geographic reach that empowers our customers to deliver high-speed agile connectivity services like never before. Designed with wide- and high-powered steerable spot beams, IS-39 will deliver faster, more agile connectivity services. Wide beams offer an expansive geograp ... Read More

Intelsat 37e

We are pleased to report the success of the launch mission for Intelsat 37e. ... Read More

Intelsat 35e

Watch this short video to learn more about the Intelsat-35e satellite   Click the first image to view as a slide show. ... Read More

Intelsat 32e

Watch this short video to learn more about the Intelsat 32e satellite   ... Read More

Intelsat 31

The Intelsat 31 satellite launch mission was successful on June 6, 2016. Liftoff occurred at 7:10 GMT. The Intelsat 31 satellite separated from the rocket’s upper stage at 22:41 GMT, and signal acquisition has been confirmed. Intelsat 31 is a C- and Ku-band satellite manufactured by Space Systems Loral (SSL). The C-band payload will enhance ... Read More