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Intelsat Maritime Network Enables KVH to Expand High-Speed Broadband VSAT Services to Smaller Vessels

October 31, 2018 Maritime

Broadband connectivity to maritime and cruise ships has improved exponentially over the last few years. Passengers and crews have been able to benefit from the higher performance and improved efficiencies delivered by next generation, high-throughput platforms, such as Intelsat Epic. While progress has been made, many maritime operators have found ... Read More

Horizons 3e: Delivering High-speed Wi-Fi to Airline Passengers Throughout Asia and Across the Pacific

October 24, 2018 Corporate Information Maritime

Demand for in-flight connectivity in Asia Pacific will soar in the next decade, as passengers on flights that can last up to 17 hours take advantage of the on-board, high-speed Wi-Fi service enabled by the new generation of high-throughput satellites (HTS). The frustrating Wi-Fi experience of the past few years is steadily improving as more ... Read More

Horizons 3e: Redefining True Broadband Connectivity on the High Seas

June 24, 2018 Global Network Maritime

With its large population spread across a vast area and a geography dominated by water, no region depends more on the shipping sector than the Asia Pacific and Oceania. The trade and economic growth of the region are reliant on thousands of vessels of all types and all sizes – commercial shipping, fishing vessels, cruise ... Read More

New, Flexible Satellite Solutions Improve Maritime Efficiency

November 01, 2017

With more than a decade of experience providing critical satellite capacity to the global maritime industry, Intelsat is keenly aware of the challenges faced by service providers who deliver satellite connectivity across all the maritime sectors we serve. Those sectors include commercial shipping, cruise, oil and gas, superyacht, fishing and leisu ... Read More

Advanced Vehicle Antennas Will Enable High-throughput Satellite Connections

August 02, 2017 Corporate Information Global Network Land Mobility

By Mark Rasmussen, Vice President & General Manager, Mobility New cars have been equipped with satellite antennas since the early 2000s, when both satellite radio and GPS navigation first became widely available to motorists. But those automotive antennas, typically a shark-fin shaped appendage on the rear of the roof, are small and capable of ... Read More

For Faster Inflight Wi-Fi, the Satellites Have Arrived and the Antennas are on the Way

July 14, 2017 Aviation Global Network ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos Land Mobility

Anyone who has tried to connect to the Internet from an airplane over the past couple of years has experienced the quality progression of inflight Wi-Fi. Passengers have gone from no connectivity initially to having the ability to just exchange emails or read web sites. Now, passengers expect to be able to access the entire ... Read More

Satellites Creating a Route from the Connected Ship to the Smart Ship

May 29, 2017 Corporate Information Land Mobility Maritime

By Mark Rasmussen, Vice President & General Manager, Mobility Just a couple of years ago, most talks about providing satellite connectivity to commercial ships at sea revolved around the needs of the crew to be connected to friends and family back home. Now the availability of higher-bandwidth satellites coupled with advances in shipboard moni ... Read More

Three Steps to Unlock the Promise of High Throughput Satellites

April 26, 2016 Global Network

High throughput satellites (HTS) have much to offer in terms of power and, well, throughput. What isn’t quite as clear is how best for customers to implement an HTS solution that meets their needs. At Intelsat, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Rather, it’s important to have a conversation with your provider about ... Read More