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The Reimagination Imperative: Building Tomorrow’s Media Ecosystem

September 12, 2019 Media

Bill O’Hara, General Manager, Media Many articles have been written about the disruption occurring within the media industry.  Media platforms have become fragmented and business models upended.  The fact of the matter is that this is not the first time—nor the last—that the content distribution ecosystem will undergo a structural ... Read More

No Passport Required: Leading Japanese Broadcaster Partners with Intelsat to Bring Viewers to Machu Picchu via BS4K

August 12, 2019 Global Network Media

Bill O’Hara, General Manager, Media Each year, millions of tourists flock to the Andes mountains to take in the breathtaking hilltop views of Machu Picchu and immerse themselves in the lush vegetation and mysteries of the Incan empire. Because Machu Picchu is nestled in the slopes of Peru’s highest mountain, it can create a logistical ... Read More